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Microarray data
Microarray data from the estrogen receptor negative breast cancer study (phosphatome profiling):
1) ESR1negativeBCmicroarraydata.csv contains the preprocessed and summarized data from the 41 microarrays 
 from estrogen receptor negative Breast Cancer  patients obtained in a Whole Human Genome (4 x 44K) oligonucleotide 
Agilent platform. The first 4 columns corresponds to annotations (probe-ID,GenBank accesion number,Gene Symbol 
and Description) and expression data starts on column 5.
2) ESR1negativeBCclinicaldata.csv contains the ERBB2 status by IHC (HercepTest 3+ being Positive and the rest Negative) of 
the 41 estrogen receptor negative Breast Cancer Microarray patients
3) MD5 digest 
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